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Creating Best Converting Landing Pages; Unbounce vs GetResponse

A landing page is the end of the road for any target visitor. It is where people find the summarized information of the product along with the call-to-action buttons and other controls that converts. A landing page must be designed keeping the conversion in mind. After all, the marketing strategies to bring the visitors to the specific landing page are to turn them into active customers.

In this article, we’ll be discussing about the creation of best converting landing pages and how they can be created using two of the best landing page creating tools, Unbounce and GetResponse. By the end of this article, you will get a conclusion for your confusion to choose between these two programs.


Creating the best converting landing pages

A landing page should have the following elements on the page. These elements may vary from page to page depending on the requirement or marketing strategy
  1. Features of the product and catching headline – A landing page would be a zombie without a catchy headline and bullet pointed features.
  2. Appealing images (including the screenshots sometimes) – The name of the product (as headline) and little description are not everything. They can just speak about the product and its features but it cannot show how the product looks hands on. Only the screenshots of the product can help him understand (do not add more/unnecessary screenshots).
  3. Converting form with the necessary fields (make sure to limit the fields as far as possible because, the more number of fields in the landing page form might annoy the visitors).
  4. Appealing buttons with proper button text – Buttons with improper texts cannot pull the clicks from the visitors. That doesn’t mean to mislead them to make a click. I hope you understand what I mean.
  5. Eye-friendly background (white background is recommended most of the times unless there is any specific requirement).
  6. Bold or highlight the text in the summary to allow quick catch the features of the product or service.
  7. Necessary resourceful links.

Creating landing pages with Unbounce

Launched back in 2009, Unbounce has focused on the landing pages based on the growing marketing trends. Unbounce empowers marketers to create and publish landing pages quickly and easily. It also allows the A/B testing without the involvement of IT. With more than 400,000 landing published so far, generating more than 31,000,000 leads, Unbounce has earned 99% user satisfaction.

Features of Unbounce:

Faster Page Design – With drag and drop controls, you can create a landing page from the scratch by re-arranging the elements on the page as the way you wanted.

Mobile Responsive – Unbounce can help you create mobile responsive landing pages that bring conversions even from the mobile phone visitors. It provides full flexibility in designing the layout and control how it is displayed on the small screens.

Advanced Design Features – You can create parallax scrolling pages with flowing information on scrolling down and set full page background images to your highly converting landing pages in no time without any technical assistance.

Lead Generation Tools – Unbounce allows you to create forms without any HTML knowledge. It provides controls to forward the generated leads to the corresponding teams or email programs.

WordPress Integration – You can use the created landing pages with your WordPress website with an easy 1-click integration tool. You do need to worry about any hosting, DNS and CNAME issues once the pages are imported to the WordPress. It also allows you to change the URL of the landing page according to the website URL structure.

Dynamic Text Replacement – Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) is one of the best features of Unbounce. It helps the marketers create the dynamic landing pages with the ever changing keywords that are searched for. It sense the keyword searches from the search engines and displays the relevant landing page in the advertisements accordingly.
Script Manager – This feature is helpful in creating scripts that are needed to be added sometimes. For example, you may want to add Google Analytics script to track down the visitors footprints for your future marketing forecasts. For such purposes, the Script Manager comes handy.

Automatic SSL Encryption
– Unbounce creates automatic SSL certificate for its landing pages to ensure the visitors as well as authorities the security in gaining the leads and conversions and seamless navigation among the pages.

Unbounce provides 200+ readily designed landing page templates which you can customize in seconds and take them live. All these templates are well organized by category where you can choose one for your requirement so easily.

You may try the trail version of Unbounce for 30 days before you sign up for a commercial plan.

Creating landing pages with GetResponse

GetResponse has been delivering excellent quality marketing solutions with more than 350,000 happy customers from 182 countries all over the world for 15 years. This is the world’s easiest email marketing platform available in different worldly languages. GetResponse is specialized in offering 24/7 spam-free solutions with 99% delivery and conversion rates which is most important in digital marketing business.

With more than 100+ outstanding landing page templates, GetResponse helps the digital marketers create eye catching, lead pulling landing pages with high conversion rates. All the templates can easily be customized in WYSISYG interface which does the job done in seconds.

Features of GetResponse:

WYSISYG Design – Who don’t love to design pages on the go? It would be easy and interesting to create landing pages on such an interface. After all, the tools to edit and customize the landing page templates along with the drag and drop tools are provided to make it much handy to pick the tools.

Responsive Design – You can create mobile-friendly landing pages with no technical skills or IT support required. You can do it yourself with no worries of technical issues. The landing page builder allows you adjust the display options for mobile, tablet and desktop accordingly.

Built-in Web Forms – GetResponse provides the readymade web forms which can be customized as per the requirement for capturing the leads. Better to limit the input fields as far as possible as we discussed before.

Image Editor – A landing with text alone cannot impress the visitors and help you increase conversions. GetResponse provides access to 1000+ free photos to features your landing page with applied filters, stickers, brushes and other most needed image editing tools in one place. This eliminates the migration of window to window or program to program for image editing separately.

No HTML Coding – You no need to be a techie or have learned the HTML coding skills to create beautiful landing pages and web forms. Organize and design the landing page as you wanted with all the readymade tools served on the side panes.

A/B Testing – You can track and monitor the landing page designs for best conversions. It also helps you decide the right places on the design to put your investment of efforts.

Google Analytics Integration – Google analytics is the best way to track and improve the performance of the web pages. GetResponse allows you integrate the Google Analytics for better marketing reports and further suggestions.

YouTube Integration – You can also embed your videos from YouTube seamlessly which not only attracts but also stands the visitors and know more about the product.

Facebook Integration – You can add your landing page as a tab on your Facebook fan page or add sharing controls to allow the visitors share and recommend the product to their friends also.

PayPal Integration – You can also add PayPal quick ‘Buy Now’ buttons on the landing to increase immediate sales and orders.

Along with these, GetResponse delivers the following features for their customers to get full control of the landing page and conversions. 


You can try out GetResponse for 30 days with full features before you get a premium version. I bet you won’t pull back once you try this easiest landing page creator tool.

Which one I prefer?

Every tool have the similar features but, only GetResponse talks about the spam-free 99% delivery and conversion rates. It’s not the number of readymade templates that will help a marketer but the ease of use, control over the prospects, future marketing forecasting tools and high spam-free conversion rates that builds the right customers network and brand. So, I’d prefer GetResponse over Unbounce regarding the same.

What would you choose? Do share it in comments below!
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5 Things to Remember While Doing Online Marketing

This post is submitted by Evelyn Golston, a part-time online advertiser. She writes blogs and optimized articles for various products-mostly cosmetics and fitness related. Find out more about her at
If you decide to print an ad for your business at a local newspaper or a magazine, chances are hundreds of people who grab these while having coffee or upon arriving at work, or get bored while waiting at airport terminals would be able to see your ads.
Now if you choose to advertise on the local TV channel or the local radio, thousands of those who have the pleasure of time watching TV programs before they fall asleep or those who listen to the radio while getting pissed off with the rush hour traffic would actually have the chance of knowing about your business-before they forget about it the next day or the next hour.
But if you choose to market your business online, you can actually flood the online world with your ads (figuratively and in actuality).
In today’s set up, online marketing is more advantageous as it reaches a wider range of audience compared to just advertising with the conventional advertising methods such as the television (which is more expensive by the way) or the local newspaper (with a limited amount of readers) for example.
Imaeg for amfastech
Moreover, online marketing is more cost-effective to the point that you can actually advertise your products for free, given the freedom that we can actually have ourselves registered in these free online networks and promote our products there. Or better yet, we can actually create free blogs for our companies as an online marketing strategy.
Online marketing may be extremely advantageous, but we should be responsible advertisers as well. Otherwise, instead of reciprocating positive feedback from the potential market, we might find ourselves blocked by netizens or unfollowed.
Let me share with you some tips for responsible online marketing.

1. Respect the netizens

You may have the freedom to market your product online but it doesn’t mean that you are free from all the liabilities that come with this freedom. Say if you plan to advertise your product by creating an app which features it, be sure to program that app in such a way that it doesn’t involve too much invasion of the downloader’s privacy. Also, present your product in such a way that how you market your product do not ostracize a certain group of individuals.

2. Don’t invade personal space

We all crave for visibility but we shouldn’t overdo it. You can’t just go around the online world posting your info ad onto other people’s walls ten times a day or putting up lengthy advertisements in Facebook groups where you’re a member.

3. Easy on the keywords

If you are thinking of advertising using blogs or via Search Engine Optimization which makes use of keywords to be able to do traffic, make sure that you utilize these keywords in a smarter, more responsible manner. It would be irritating on the part of readers to see your product brand or the product keyword at every sentence that your company blog features. There are certain guidelines that govern the use of keywords in SEA, so be sensitive with these.

4. Minimize misleading pop-ups

Pop-ups are good ways to market your product but these really get on people’s nerves to the point that they might actually block your site. So be careful with utilizing these.

5. Be honest

Your potential market would greatly appreciate it if you are honest about what you advertise. Though they are a good strategy, including a lot of unreal claims regarding your product’s effectiveness might actually leave your market disappointed. And you’ll be doomed if they decide to put up a blog of how much they regret buying your product in the first place.
So be wise and responsible in online marketing. After all, it’s the best place to do your advertising.
The writer works as a part-time online advertiser. She writes blogs and optimized articles for various products-mostly cosmetics and fitness related. Find out more about her at
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Airtel 4G: The Fastest Network Challenge Ever Made

Have you watched the Airtel’s new 4G TVC where two girls going on a duel over their mobile internet speed? It ends up challenging all the mobile phone users about their network speed saying “If your network is faster, we will pay your mobile bills for life.”



Yes! Airtel introduces 4G services in India at the price ranges of 3G plans. Being one of the top mobile network carriers in the country and one of the first introducers of the network carrier technologies, Airtel has been serving one half of the network population in India with their services. They were the first ones to bring 3G carrier technology into the country and this time they took the 4G flight.


Airtel renovates their website with all the 4G related information on the site. The first fold of the webpage itself challenges mobile users about the speed of the network. Scrolling down to the next page surprises us with the news about free upgrade to 4G superfast network for the 3G prices.




There is a reason to use Airtel 4G specifically that, it is available for 3G prices only. You can get the same data benefits as 3G pack with 4G speed with no extra cost involved. Isn’t it awesome?


How to get Airtel 4G?

You need a 4G enabled smartphone, a 4G SIM and a proper 4G plan. You can check if your number is 4G ready or not from their site.




We have on-the-go 4G dongles available for laptops, Wi-Fi dongle that connects 10 clients for all wireless home devices and high range home modems that connects all the laptops, gaming consoles and smartphones.


Get your free SIM

The cherry on the cake is that Airtel is offering free 4G SIM to the aspirants and delivering it at customers doorstep. Follow this link to grab your free 4G SIM.


Last word

The challenge shows the company’s confidence about their new services. The interesting thing is the price range that it is available for. It is worth giving a try as you don’t need to put an extra buck for the service.


I have grabbed my free SIM just now and can’t wait to see it running like a flash on my Zenfone 2. When are you grabbing yours?

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Top 7 Must-Have Apps for Digital Marketing

This following article is written by Nuur Hasan, a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.


If you are into digital marketing, these six iOS and Android apps would make your life much easier:




Perch is a free app for both Android and iOS users. It is extremely beneficial for small local businesses as it gives you an overview of what people talk about your business and your competitor’s business on the social media. You just have to tell the names of the companies to Perch and it would automatically generate updates of those companies on different social media sites. If someone leaves a review of your company on a social media, the alert function will send you a notification.


Google AdWords


Google recently launched a new free app called the AdWords. This app allows the campaign marketers to check real-time alerts and even examine their campaign stats. It also lets them to update bids and budgets. It gets a lot easier for marketers if they are running a pay-per-click campaign on Google. This app is currently available for Android users but it would be available for iOS users in the near future.




IFTTT arrived on the iPhone in late 2013 and the Android version landed shortly after. Both apps have seen numerous improvements since launch and are ideal for automating a range of marketing tasks such as 'controlling your world', creating To-Do notes, sharing them, taking and instantly sharing pictures etc. This app is lesser known than it should be. Its simplicity, clean design and excellent functionality makes it a top app for digital marketing.




Hubspot is getting famous between marketing managers as it gives them access to HubSpot tools and analytics. The HubSpot service is available for $200 per month but you can download the app for free. You can even try it without paying a penny before actually purchasing the service. According to the reviews, iOS app is much more consistent than the Android app.


Hootsuite, Buffer and Other Apps

Many digital marketers love using Hootsuite and Buffer as they are quite useful for marketing purposes. Hootsuite offers different plans according to the requirement of people. It proposes a free plan, a Pro plan and an Enterprise plan. Free plan is of course free, whereas Pro plan costs around $10. This app helps in creating updates that could be posted on different social sites at the same time. It offers many other features like monitoring if somebody mentions your business on any social media, sending direct messages on twitter etc.



Hootsuite just launched a new app for iOS users called the Hootsuite Suggestions. It is available for Pro users only at the moment. This app helps you to generate and share different social media posts.



Buffer offers two different plans. One is free while the “Awesome Plan” can be purchased for $102 per year. It recently launched a new tool called Pablo. Pablo lets you create visual media posts by using your own photos.

* If you have any complaints regarding the content of this page. Please don’t hesitate to report it to us.
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How to Build Autopilot Internet Marketing Blogs?

Blogging is no more just a hobby. People have already started taking it as a career. Internet marketing has its role in blogging success which we will be discussing it further in this blog post.


As you know, creating a blog and leaving it to the world won’t help you make money. You must work on it as if you are doing a 9-5 job.


Is that what you have been told so far by most of the fellow bloggers around you? Yeah! you are not the only one. I’ve been told so.


They aren’t wrong. In fact, working on a blog with that dedication will definitely workout for anyone. But it depends on the strategies followed.


In this guide of building autopilot internet marketing blogs, I would like to present to you some of the successful strategies followed by probloggers that will help you understand the creative tactics of money blogging.


Most successful bloggers build their subscriber list. They try to build a strong relationship with them and promote their offers. Yes, it works! If you reply to your subscribers and help them solve their problem, they will surely respect your suggestions(promotions) and don’t hesitate to buy them.


This is the best strategy that works in all internet ages. Most of the probloggers and internet marketers make huge money by following this strategy only.


Ok then, how far you can follow it? Would you be collecting email ID’s of your subscribers manually even after getting 100k subscribers?


You would be getting a lot of traffic by then. Why should waste the flow? Let’s automate it.




Automating the flow

Step 1: Show an opt-in page to your visitors – Show your massive traffic a page to stay tuned to your blog. Be careful with your content in this context as it must be appealing enough to your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.


Step 2: Email frequency – Do not hurry up with your promotional emails as soon as one subscribes to your list. Send them the useful updates for which they have subscribed at most. Send special emails once or twice in a week along with the links hyperlinked to texts to your affiliate products and some of your own products like eBooks and useful material.


Step 3: Links back to your blog posts – Selling or giving away free eBooks will impress your subscribers. Don’t just leave them free by just offering free/paid downloads. Put links back to your blog posts(internal linking) in your eBook. This will help them visit back your site for references.


Step 4: Write about your subscribers problems – The heart of this process flow is the content that you create for your subscribers. Try to give problem solving tutorials and articles for your subscribers. This will bring you more visitor-to-subscriber conversions and the whole process runs again from the beginning.


Step 5: Balance your content with selling products – Do not over do promotion in your blog posts or eBooks. You may loose your subscribers. Balance your content with your promotional links. Make sure you place 60% content and 40% promotional stuff even on a landing page.


Benefits of this model

The benefits of this model can be easily listed out. Here they are,


1. It is fast and trustworthy

2. It works for sure as it is not any over-night miracle technique

3. You may not have to go brainstorm to apply these strategies


Getting started

To get started with this process, you must ask yourself these two questions,


1. Are my visitors willing to pay money on this product? – Before you think of shooting an promotional arrow, think for a while in your visitors shoes if the product/service is worth buying?


2. How many will-buy audience do you have in your list?Promoting bananas to tigers won’t help you at all. It wastes your time. Think once before you get started if your visitors would buy the products or not. If not, you may loose him/her by sending a couple of unwanted promotionals.


3. How tight is the competition? – Research about the market trend of your promotional products and the competition. This helps you cuddle up your strategies to reach your audience creatively.


Working on the process

It is easy to work on the process after the ‘getting started’ research a it will help you bake it easily. Create landing pages for your promotional products with the same 60% content and 40% promotional stuff formula applied.


Automate the process by linking the ‘thank you’ pages to opt-in page where you will get the subscriptions. When you need to update, update the landing pages and create new ones. The rest of the process will be driven with this autopilot process.


Over to you

I hope this research helps you autopilot your internet marketing blog. Take short breaks in between as you are meant to be living not blog-breathing. Don’t hesitate to make suggestions in the process and share your success story. Over to you!

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How Social Media Optimization Helps Your Business

The idea of Social Media Optimization - SMO is to ultimately make content that is posted on various social media platforms become more visible by people liking it, sharing and even linking to it.  Because when great content is written and people enjoy it, this is what makes a social media campaign successful.  And, with a solid SMO strategy, your performance and rankings will improve.  When you have a successful SMO strategy, you will gain more traffic from the social media sites and search engines to your website.

Each of the popular social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest drive millions and millions of visitors to websites daily.  With Facebook and Twitter alone, they both have well over one billion active users.  If your business or brand is not actively using social media, then you are missing out on the possibility to gain more traffic to your website.

With so much activity taking place on the various social media platforms, your business or brand needs to stand out against your competitors.  Having a successful social media optimization strategy is the best way to voice your business or brand effectively.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

Social media provides a great opportunity for businesses to be able to promote their business to potential customers about their products or services.  With social media, you have the ability to send messages to your customers and potential customers over and over again.

Think about it, businesses and brands that take the time to come up with a solid social media optimization strategy will be more likely to end up having better communication with their customers, which potentially have the ability to increase customer satisfaction.

How to Improve your SMO Strategy

You can improve your social media optimization strategy and start generating some positive results for your business or brand by doing the following:
  • Social Media Platforms – It is important to understand the different social media platforms and how to use them and how you can benefit from them.
  • Build your Reputation Online – Building a strong reputation online will build trust and visitors will find you as a reliable and trusted source.
  • Engaging with Audience – You can engage with your audience by sharing great content and liking and sharing other people's content.
  • Getting Social – Engaging yourself with others by discovering ways to share your experience by using social networks and providing your customers access to connect through your social feeds.
  • Social Media Optimization – This is about making improvements to the technical side of your social media, which includes ways your content can be shared by means of share buttons on your website. You can even hire a professional social media consultant from companies like BlueHatMarketingAgency.
Finally, every part of your social media optimization strategy should emphasize on different solutions to ultimately help your visitors and customers. Think of ways you can become more engaged with your customers online to improve their feelings about your business and how to improve the sharing of your content by means of the different social media networks.  You can have a successful social media optimization strategy if you take the time and invest into your social media.
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Beginner’s Guide to Promote Affiliate Links | Affiliate Promoting Templates for Beginners

Among all the online earning methods, affiliate marketing has its own place in the top list of scopeful ways. It is also one of the two major sources of income for bloggers and publishers all over the blogosphere. The earning scope depends on the individual strategies practiced by individual affiliate marketers.

This tutorial is especially for newbies who wants to get themselves into affiliate marketing and earn some handsome figures online.

Affiliate marketing is not all about promoting your affiliate links, it is also about researching trends and following them. For e.g., you cannot make any money promoting cool drinks in winter where as you could make more than expected profit from it if sold in summer. The same way, promotion also needs some own strategies and ideas rather than just promoting like a zombie.




Promoting affiliate links is not just copy pasting links

Most newbies think that promotion means copy pasting their affiliate links on their social media profiles, which is not exactly true.

Imagine – What if a door-to-door selling salesman comes with his arsenal and just displays all his products in front of your door without speaking a word? Would you even think of buying them?

Just think Would you even look at the hoarding with only the shop name displayed on it? Thought it is planted in the right place with right size of text? Or how useful you think it is?

This is what happens when you just post links on your social media profiles. Just posting links on your social media links will not work out.

The saddest thing is that most newbies create blogs to promote, I mean just promote their single line of hyperlink as the title and body of the article. If you are the one of those new to blogging and blogger interface lambs, I recommend you to go through these Blogger basics tutorials first.

Learning how to use blogger effectively won’t tighten the lid. You should know how to write and what to write in a blog. Follow the links specified below to learn,

Promoting affiliate links on your blog?

Most of the affiliate programs ask site name and its URL while registering. It is also good to have a blog of your own before you start thinking of making money from affiliate marketing.

If you had a blog already, these are the following ways to promote your products in it.

Promoting through reviewing – Review the products on your blog and blend your affiliate links into it. For e.g., if you would like to promote Redmi 1S, write a genuine review of the product and put your buy now affiliate links in it.

Promoting by specifying related products – Put your related products promoting links under the review of the product. For e.g., After promoting the Redmi 1S links through your review, at the end of the article, place the buy now links of related products like Redmi Note 4G, Mi3, Xiaomi power bank and so on.

Place banners – Placing banners on your blog’s heat map can help you promote your affiliate products. Do not decorate your blog with hell lot of banners as it frightens off your visitors to never come back again.

Find the right places to place banners where your visitor engage mostly.

Places like under the title and under the body will grab attention of your visitors and can bring you high CTR(Click Through Rate).

Also placing the banners inside the content just like the one you are seeing on the left will help you make most of any earning program other than affiliate marketing.

Place affiliate search engines – Some of the affiliate programs provide search engines for publishers. Think a second before you place it on your blog. Make sure you make it look natural on your blog. Because a search engine that only searches products from a particular shop might not impress your visitors. You must use your creative strategy to install one on your site.

Promoting affiliate links on your blog has no limitations. Choose and create your own strategies and test them with results. Practice, innovate and invent new tricks to promote. Always remember to make them look as natural as possible.

Promoting affiliate links on social media

Social media, unlike the blog, need special and creative strategies to promote affiliate links. Any unnatural promoting strategies will be stomped to ground by the spam filtering algorithms of those respective social media networks.

As we discussed earlier, leaving links alone cannot help you in promotion. You have to write something about it. For e.g., check out the following templates for social media promotion of your affiliate links,

Template 1: [Name of the product] is available just for [price], grab it now before the offer expires: [affiliate link]

Template 2: Finally! I got [name of the product] in my hands for [price of the product] on [ecommerce store] [affiliate link]

Template 3: I never thought I’d like this [product] [name of the product]. Got this from [name of the site/ecommerce store] for [price of the product] [affiliate link]

Template 4: It’s time for [competing product/company], [competing product/company], [competing product/company], … to pack up their stuff. [product name] from [company name] enters market yesterday. Check out now: [affiliate link]

Template 5: [name of the store] gives [percentage] discount on [type of product(s)]. Grab the deal before the stock goes unavailable: [affiliate link]

Template 6: [name of the product] is awarded as the best selling [type of the product] of the year. I got it yesterday, when are you getting one? [affiliate link]

and so on like this, you can create your own promoting message along with your affiliate link on social media.

Name of the product/product name – For e.g., iPhone
Affiliate link – Link to the product including your affiliate ID
Price/Price of the product – For e.g., Rs.4,300
Ecommerce store/store/name of the store/name of the site – For e.g., Flipkart, Amazon
Competing product/company/company name – For e.g., Samsung Alpha(product), Micromax(company)
Type of the product – For e.g., smartphones, shoes, apparel, books, etc..
Percentage – For e.g., 10%, 20%

Tip on the edge
Shorten the affiliate link before you promote it with the templates. A compact link would be visual friendly to your friends and fans.

Hope that helps. Till next time!
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Are You Following the Same Old Strategies for Your Brand New Coupons Website?

Affiliate marketing have showed the internet marketers the scope of high earnings in the past few years. The current trend of ecommerce have extended the welcome to new strategies and new ways to earn most of it. People have inspired with this growth and success of fellow marketers and so started out coupons websites.

If you are the one who recently started out coupons website, you should read this article without missing out a word(I guess).

So, you have just started out your website with all your affiliate & sponsored links.

What kind of coupons are you planning to put in there?

How are you going to expand your reach?

How are you going to convince your visitors buy from your links?

What are your strategies?

If you are following the same strategies that everyone is following, you would become one among the everyone else. Make your strategies standout as the best among the rest. Just like the one I have came across these days on

coupon-machine writes about the products, the complete guides like ‘what to wear in this winter? – the complete guide to winter wear dressing style for men and women’ and then shows up the offers on the same products later.

This might sound like the one that an intelligent blogger-marketer often use, but they have improvised and molded it into their website niche well. It, in fact increases the conversion rate as they(visitors) are getting the full information about the products in one place.

To talk about the kind of coupons you need to place on the website, we should talk about these things,
  • Coupon expiry
  • Discount rate
  • Store’s reputation and
  • Season
Coupons expiry – It is one of the 3 major issues a coupon website owner should take care of. People don’t expect to see expiry date on the coupons they choose. So, it is better to fadeout or remove the expired coupons automatically.

Discount rate – It is one of the vital things that bring conversions from your visitors. Highlight the high discount product links on the top and the least to bottom.

Store’s reputation – Store’s reputation is one of the driving factors for your visitors. Though you display big discount coupons of infamous online stores in the front line and small discounts later, people will choose to take the small one with respect to reputation and positive feedback of the shop.

For e.g., If you place amazing discount coupons of 60% from a ‘Store X’ in the front line and discounts of 20% from a store like Flipkart in next, people will choose to buy from Flipkart only.

This in turn, might give you danger of loosing your valuable visitors as well. So, take care and plan good contrast among the above three points.

Season – Every season is special for any kind of marketer. As we talked about CouponMahcine’s creative strategy earlier, create your own strategy and target keywords for that season. However, the season is also dependent on other 3 points above somehow.

Hope that helps!

All the best!
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5 Bad Practices Not To Follow While Promoting Blog Posts

Even though you blog better and you have ‘those’ writing skills to attract readers just like that, you can’t make it so with these 5 bad practices of promoting your blog and content. This article will tell you of what is not and what is to follow while promoting your blog posts.


Writing an article is not the only big thing about blogging. Promoting it also takes the same chills. No matter how long and how good your article is, it is nothing if it is not properly promoted. You may get good appreciation from your readers but believe me it will not be up to the mark you deserved for it.


Readout the 5 bad practices you might be following in promoting your blog posts.




#1 Posting link on social media and doing nothing

Social media is as influential as search engines. You may get or not loyal readers for your blog from search engines but social media brings them for sure.


Don’t just leave links on social media profiles, groups and communities. It looks like you are spamming for social media spam algorithms.


Write a small snippet of the article consisting of 2-3 lines at least along with the shortened post link and promote it.


Respond to the likes and shares of people and be thankful for their kind activities on your article link. It makes them feel comfortable, happy and lets them choose to like and share your future blog posts also.


Incase of twitter the title of the post with the shortened URL of it and ‘@’ mentioning of your username/handle would be great. You can then track and monitor the people who are sharing your blog posts that helps you analyze what people like to read about.


#2 Not conversing with people

People respond to your ideas in the article. Apart from liking and sharing, people comment on it to share their opinions about the article you wrote.


Don’t just ignore the commenters and don’t make them feel like they are talking to a lifeless volleyball in a casted away island.


One commenter you ignored is the one loyal reader you lost. So, never miss a chance to reply to your readers comments. No matter however their opinions are, welcome them first if it is his/her first visit to our blog, then compose a reply and kiss a bye with greetings and thanks. This makes them feel comfortable and pulls them to your blog when they see any article link shared on social media or communities.


If you don’t know how to converse and communicate with people who comes to read your blog posts, the Aha-now Blogging Community(ABC) by madam Harleena Singh can help you so.


#3 Read commitments won’t work

One of the pathetic attempts bloggers do at entry levels is the read commitments from the fellow bloggers and readers. There are communities which award points for mutual visiting blogs and those points can be traded to promote more links in it.


People won’t read your articles for lollipops or popcorn unless they truly deserve it so.


In that case, people will just open he link, let it half loaded and closes it. This may bring a page view but not the real reader for your article.


Also that the mutual commitments like “read mine and I’ll read yours” also don’t work and they are ultimately useless.


#4 No comeback strategies

You might be good enough to post the article link in 50+ communities on single social media network, 30+ in other and 20+ in another. But how many times did you visited back to check if there is any activity running on your updates?


It is good if you have raised a topic in a forum or community about the topic you have chosen in your article. But, it is not going to help you make friends if you never visited them back since your first visit.


The no comeback strategies you practice will surely reflect on your readers too. You should not let go of any reader once visited your blog with your actions and behavior.


You were in the middle of a discussion through comments under an article and you just left it without properly ending it – It will make your partners in the discussion feel dishonored by your negligent action.


Never end discussions without proper ending to it. Never try to dominate your partner. One single discussion should not be the final one for your discussing partner.


#5 Dropping links in comments

One of the worst link building strategies bloggers still practice till today is dropping links in comments. Every link you leave will look irrelevant to the author of the blog and comment system as well which is automatically pushed under spam category.


If you got your blog URL get spammed by a couple of comment systems, you’ll never be able to pull up your blog again.


If you are doing this to build backlinks to your blog, this is not the right way. Google have been evolving much intelligent from time to time to weed out spam blogs from the blogosphere. If your blog is noticed under spam category to it’s algorithms, you will have to pay for it so badly.


Leaving comments in the comment form with details like name, email, website URL and your genuine message will surely work like magic. You no need to leave any further links to your blog again. Give it a try and don’t for get to share the result with us.


Also, commenting on the commentluv comment system enabled blogs will surely build do-follow backlinks in a genuine way.


One last word

When you are putting efforts to write, you should also put efforts to promote it. It should not be in a way that is totally invalid and non-recommended. You content is to be praised not to be spammed by some piece of lifeless code, the so called ‘algorithms’ of search engines.


Good luck!

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How to Grab Internet Marketing/Advertising Deals in Your Town

Living in small town? Thinking of quitting internet marketing because you live in a small cute town? Hold your thoughts aside for a second and read this article, I promise that you won’t get disappointed by the end.


Internet marketing is one of the best rewarding careers these days, I know that you know it well and so chosen it as your career.


Internet was an alien to people in small towns till smartphone prices came under common man’s budget. Thanks to the companies for bringing down the prices. This made a normal educated non-techie keep tack of what's happening in the world around through internet.


Also the one who can send an SMS can also chat on WhatsApp and Facebook now. So this makes clear that the people of this decade are well aware of the internet and its importance.


This changed the game of internet marketing and advertising with new set of opportunities that people aren’t seen by everyone yet.


Gather your assets

Internet marketing/advertising cannot be done sitting in a chair for hours in front of computers all times, it needs some real world strategies too.


Before you go into the real ‘real world’, gather your assets to showcase to your advertising clients.




To be clear, assets are the web ad spaces that you own and rent. Find influential bloggers in your small town and rent their ad spaces. Now make a list of available ad spaces to showcase them to your advertisers.


Renting is not always means trading only money for ad spaces. You can trade much more than that.


Also maintain you own websites. The more influential they are on the web, the more value they would get.


Make creative use of calendar

It is good that you have valuable assets now, but who cares to make a deal with you if you look like a newbie in the field?


Respond to the social causes and organize educating campaigns with those bloggers in the town (you rented ad spaces from) hosting the meetings. Ask them to share their knowledge and tell me to specify their blogs to follow them.


Reach out to the educational institutions with the educating theme and expand your visibility to every nook of the town.


Create websites for the causes you are fighting for and hire some well educated personalities as guest authors.


Our calendars are full of special days. Use effective use of them by organizing educating campaigns and increase the list of your own assets just like Groupon does on Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays.


Start exploring opportunities in real world

After you gathered up the assets and making enough brand promotion, get into the real world and start exploring the opportunities.


Reach out to the shopping malls, company showrooms, theatres, hospitals and set business deals with them.


For example, if you are maintaining a website on health & wellness, you can get deals from hospitals and medical stores around the town.


For another example, if you are maintaining a education website, you can make business deals with the local book stores, schools and colleges.


Gift your site visitors

Any deal should not end by once. To make both the advertiser and the buyer happy, you would have to spend your little profit.


Let us suppose you are getting 10% per sale from the advertiser. A little from it say 2% as a gift voucher to the buyer from your website will not only rush traffic to your site but also increases the sales for advertiser. This will earn good reputation in your marketing/advertising services that would help to grow your business.


One happy client is a mouth of 10 advertising campaigns. After all, client’s growth is our success. Isn’t it?


Get feedback from the clients and feature them on your websites. It will impress your visitors upon quick visit to your site.


Reward bloggers

Bloggers may not agree to feature some special contents on their website apart from the ad spaces you have rented.


Pick out the blogs of particular niche from your assets that matches best for a particular deal and expand your deal value with your client(s) and blog owners. Share your profit with the bloggers earn their trust for future business deals.


Last words

It doesn’t matter where you live, internet marketing/advertising gives the flexibility of running your business from anywhere in the world. In fact, small towns are very good choices for startups, as there would be very less competition compared to that of city’s. One cannot start climbing from the 10th step unless backed up or supported by most influential parties. It all starts with the first one for anyone like me and you.


For any business, offline and online client’s trust is the most valuable income one/an organization gets. Try to earn it since your startup, It will take you to heights with 2x speed.


By the way, do you still think of leaving internet marketing/advertising because you live in small town? Share you thoughts about it in comments below.

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Flipkart Blocks Affiliate Accounts on Big Billion Day Sale

Flipkart’s big billion day sale was started earlier today at 8am with a lot of amazing offers on different products. The ecommerce company have already gained much popularity in India for its loyal sales to customers. So as to make its customer-reach much effective in the growing ecommerce competition, Flipkart have announced October 6th 2014 as the big billion day a week ago.

Flipkart made their homepage a showcase of big billion day sales discounts on different products. There available jaw dropping discounts on largely selling stocks like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cameras too. These one day discounts are also available on fashion accessories, kitchen ware, computer accessories and LED televisions.


This might sound like good news for a normal shopper but not for Flipkart’s affiliate partners. Flipkart have blocked access to affiliate accounts of many partners a couple of minutes after the big billion day sale started. Those who thought of promoting their affiliate links on this day are totally disappointed with this Flipkart’s hidden punch.

All affiliate marketers didn't see that coming at all. Let’s se if this is a temporary issue or Flipkart did this intentionally. Stay tuned to Amfas Tech for more updates on this issue.

Update: Flipkart affiliate partners started showing their frustrations on social media with hashtags as #Fraudkart #Fekukart #Flopkart #Foolskart by 10:22am

Update: See how frustrated people are on Flipkart’s Big Billion Day on Twitter.

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List of Tools and Applications to Increase Your Blog’s Social Reach

Getting massive traffic from social media networks is a dream come true for any blogger. I know that’s hard to see fellow bloggers making it possible while you were watching their blog posts with a lot of social engagement. But believe me, that’s is also going to help you if you can change the perspective you watch out their blogs every time.

Successful bloggers were not born with amazing social following(may happen in future because of social media craziness in people). They have learnt all the seductive ways to engage people on their blog posts. I know you also write wonderful content but you just don’t care about connecting it to the world or just lazy like me.

Making your content exposed to social media is no kind of wizard spell, I guess so. There available some magic wand like tools on the internet to automate the social shares right away when you write a blog post. The following are the list of social media automation tools that are easy to use too.

Automation Tools:

Complete automation of your blog updates may not help you actually now. Because, major social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have released their own spam reduction algorithms to give the best feed for their huge database of users in order to maintain their standards and loyalty to them. So, don’t go for automation every time. It is better to use automation when in your absence times on your blog.

So, what are the better practices?

I am not against the automation tools nor even in favor of them after the social media spam weed out. As we can do nothing about it now, it is better to go with better alternatives.

The alternatives doesn’t mean to suggest you some other automation tools but to let you know about the usefulness of inbuilt social media features. If to start with them, I’d like to start with Facebook. The following are the list of some inbuilt features of Facebook that can help you reach the world more strategically.

Facebook Applications/Features:

  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Events
  • RSS/Blog syndication
  • Reviews
  • Notes
  • Places
  • Photos & Videos
  • Discussion Boards and
  • Facebook Ads
  • Networked Blogs
  • Slideshare
  • Mail Chimp
Twitter has got nothing less popularity than Facebook. In fact, twitter is most popular than Facebook. One twitter handle can drive twice as traffic as a Facebook group or page. The following tools can expand your reach on twitter and can help you increase twitter inbound traffic to your blog.

Twitter Tools/Applications:

LinkedIn is a professional social network meant for business. It was not so famous till it was added with some conventional social networking features. It is a great platform to showcase your skills in the area of your interest through blogging. LinkedIn is a great source for niche bloggers particularly. I suggest you to use the following features of LinkedIn to effectively so as to get benefitted. It not only increases your blog traffic but also brings professionals to follow your updates.

Linked Features/Tools:

  • Groups
  • Promotions
  • Service Listings
  • Discussions
Along with the three major social media networks, Pinterest has also got equal priority these days. It allow bloggers and business owners to manage promotions and advertising about their businesses very creatively and innovatively. Optimizing your pinterest profile will help your brand reach your customers and visitors as well.

I wish you use these powerful tools very well to bring out the most of your strategies.
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Optimizing Pinterest Profile to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Site

Pinterest is one of the best traffic sources for a website. It is an effective social media that drives massive traffic there by conversions to a business site or subscriptions to blogs. It helps both the business owners, bloggers, marketers as well as social media freaks to increase their fan base on internet and there by increasing their reach.

Getting started with pinterest with ordinary or incomplete profile information may not help you even your strategies are worthy enough to get people engagement.

I have researched and implemented the best pinterest optimization strategies in the market to drive traffic to my website and I have been successful since then. I would like to share those techniques and I wish you see success more sooner that I got.

Optimizing your pinterest account covers the optimization of the following areas on your profile.
  1. Profile image
  2. Account name
  3. Account description
  4. Linking your site
  5. Location (of the business)
  6. Linking with other social networking profiles

1. Profile image that adds your personality to branding

The profile image in any social network is the appealing part of the profile that catches visitor’s interest. Just like that, the profile picture on pinterest will give the first impression for the visitor.

A genuine smiling close up will copy happiness on the visitors face too. Use the same profile image that you use on other social networks. This will help your visitors identify your face quickly.

A general picture like as shown below can portray your profile as personal than a professional one.


A complete logo as your profile picture would do better promotion of your website or business than a smiling picture but, people would not like to follow brands unless they are famous enough.


So what's the best optimization?
Overlay your logo in the bottom of your profile picture to make it look professional more than of personal. When someone share your pins, your profile picture will be shown with the logo and can give your site the best promotion in both ways.

A profile picture like as shown below does its best in getting followers and adds your personality to the profile as well as promotes brand.


Pinterest will take the profile images of size 600x600px and will reduce them to 165x165px after uploading. The edges would be slightly cropped and makes sure it fits the space correctly.

Use online photo editing tools or Photoshop to create/edit your own combo profile picture.

2. Account name that increase brand recognition

Your profile name should not only increase your personality but also brand recognition. A normal profile name like ‘Sasidhar Kareti’ can only display my name to my profile visitors but a name like ‘Sasidhar Kareti {Amfas Tech}’ will also help me promote my website.


If someone new comes to visit my profile, he would notice the string ‘Amfas Tech’ along with my name which would remind him when he sees any of my site links or other social profiles on the internet in future.

3. Account description that is authoritative

The profile description adds authority of your website on your profile. Pinterest allows only 160 characters in the profile description. So choose right words to fill-in information about yourself.

What to include?
  • About your business
  • About your pins
  • Tagline of your website or business
  • Keywords regarding your website or business

4. Linking your website

Add your website URL to the profile that will showcase it on your profile page. In fact linking your site will allow people find the website source of your pins.

You should verify your site by adding the snippet of code in your website. A verified website would help the world confirm that you own that website and thus proves your authority that we talked about previously.


To verify a website, go to Settings >> Profile >> Add URL of your website and click on the ‘Verify’ link to get the snippet of code.


Once the code is added, refresh the pinterest page and you will see a verified mark beside the website link.

5. Location of the business

I think I don’t have to say tell you about the importance of the locality specification. A business with locality specification would get highest priority on search engines as we have seen the pigeon update doing the same recently.

So many business websites that haven’t specified the locality on any of their pages have paid the price for he Google local search algorithm. Pinterest haven’t come up with any local search algorithm yet but can be expected as a possibility.

Moreover, a business with specified locality on the website will earn much trust from visitors than making them believe in some kind of internet business with no physical address.


What about blogs or real internet businesses?
If you are running a blog or internet businesses, give the city name, state and country you live in very frequently or the city in your quick reach. You may also choose to provide the combination of city, state and country in the location field.

Benefits of giving your location
  • Makes your business look more real
  • Makes you blog look more humanly updated one with your profile information
Cons of giving your location information
  • It reveals your privacy on the internet
  • May lead to overlapped time of consulting in family hours

6. Linking with other social networking profiles

Your every social networking profile including pinterest profile on the web should not work individually for you. You should maintain a perfect sync among all the profiles which helps your visitors also visit on their favorite social media.

Let us suppose a guy X loves to hangout on facebook all the time. If he visits my pinterest profile which he finds out interesting but doesn’t want to follow me on pinterest. This results me ending up loosing a follower of my blog updates.

To connect your pinterest profile to facebook and twitter, go to Settings >> Social Networks >> Turn on the link to all the other social profiles.


Benefits of linking to other social profiles
  • Will give more choices to your profile visitor to follow you on different social media profiles.
  • Will help other social network fans follow pinterest updates by linking to its timeline.
  • Will keep track your pinterest activity on your other profiles.
Cons of linking to other social profiles
  • Will loop automated updates sent through Buffer app or Hoot suite.
  • Cannot flexible automate website updates.

7. Adding ‘Pinit’ widgets

Social media widgets ever play fair. Just like Facebook’s like box, Twitter's embedded tweets, Google+ page widget, Pinterest also provides different kind of widgets for website to increase the fan base on the network.

My favorite widget from one of those is the hover ‘Pinit’ button which you can see on by hovering your mouse on to the images in the content. It increases my pinterest referrals that can help the article rank good in SERP.

One more word

Pinterest is a wonderful platform to get as much social referral traffic as you can. In fact it has billions of users and every day millions of pins are being pinned to the boards. Some businesses get highest traffic only from pinterest compared to leading giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Optimize your pinterest profile, get more referrals and get ranked well on SERPs. All the best!
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How to Check Where Visitors Click on the Page on Your Blog?

The spectacular design of your blog and the easy navigability might have made you think that visitors are going to engage on particular parts of the page mainly. Are you sure that your visitors are engaging on the same appealing parts of the page as you are thinking they are?

Why should you know where on the page your visitors are engaging more?

There is are many benefits of knowing the user engagement on our webpages. It doesn't matter how attractive is your content is and how beautiful is your webpage. There would certain things on the page that would be dragging their attention most of the time. These things, upon optimization would double your profits than before.

Because people don’t read your article alone – I agree the fact that the content is king of your blog but believe me no king is safe unless he was put in some kind of fair protective palace surrounded by the powerful army and guiding intelligence.

If content is the king, the powerful army is the design of your blog and guiding intelligence is the SEO. So there are some other things that are to be taken care of beyond the scope of the content. Content is not the only thing that impresses your visitors.

What about ads that you put on your blog pages? – I think you got a bit closer to my point when I said ‘ads’. How many people do you think are clicking on your ad units displayed on your blog? Don’t tell me you are following up the statistical information of your publisher control panel. They just show you ‘after-math’. All the information you will find is there is the data collected after visitor clicked on them.

How many are actually clicking on them? Are they even seeing them exist on the page? The place to put the ads in right place, what we call the optimization is what going to help you increase your revenue though increased CTR which can be known by knowing where your visitors are engaging on the page mostly.

How to check where visitors click?

There available many good services offered by various companies on the internet. The visitor tracking features and the plan prices might change from one to another.

Here are some visitor heatmap services available on the internet. Sign up for a free account to test the service and upgrade to a commercial plan if your are comfortable with its results. – You can see track their visitors mouse pointer on their webpages precisely. Heatmap view allows you to see where people are clicking, hovering, focusing and scrolling their mouse on the page. – They allows to create free account for bloggers for life time with limited features. To get full features, you have to sign up to a commercial plan. – You can track your visitor’s footprints on your page along with a feature that collects data regarding the visitors attention on the page. – You can check your site’s demo heatmap stats right on their homepage. Tracking down the most famous elements on the webpage is their highlighting feature. You can sign up for a free trail and test their service anytime.

GemiusHeatmap( Gemius heatmap outsmarts other heatmap services in features. You can have full control over the click map and charts for every link is maintained separately. – You can also get a free sign up for ever with limited features. This service provides playback sessions to see visitors in action recorded.

and lot more.

Go sign up for a service today and convert your visitors into active leads.
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How to Use MailChimp to Deliver RSS Feed Updates

One of the best ways to automate the feed updates through email is RSS. It is one of the major sources of loyal traffic for your site. RSS feed exists before the social media networks took a plunge. The automation of blog updates onto social media networks have dominated the RSS feed updates.

Though, the RSS feed still send loyal traffic from the subscribers through emails but not at its best. The reason is that feedburner still uses that old email template to send updates to your subscribers in which they don’t even care to click on the article links after opening the email. Take a look at the screenshot of the RSS feed email template you generally see below:


So, what to do?

Nothing much! a little tweak to its design could do well. We can design an email template and manage the feed delivery sophisticatedly by using MailChimp.

MailChimp is an email marketing tool with lot of free services and lot more paid services. It is easy to create and manage email campaigns using this tool. It even allows to create and manage RSS feed campaigns. An RSS email created using MailChimp looks like as follows:


Let’s see how MailChimp can be used to deliver RSS feed updates to its subscribers.

Step 1: Log into your MailChimp account and navigate to Campaigns tab. Click on ‘Create Campaign’ on the top right of the screen.


Step 2: Choose ‘RSS-driven campaign’ under ‘Choose a type of campaign to send’ and click ‘Select’ to proceed.


Step 3: Give the RSS feed URL of your blog and set the delivery times of the campaign. After you are done, click ‘Next’ to proceed.


Step 4: Select the list of recipients that you have added previously, to whom you wanted to send the RSS feed updates and click ‘Next’ to proceed.


Step 5: Fill in the details of the campaign like ‘Name of the campaign’, ‘Subject’, ‘From email’, ‘From name’ etc.


Step 6: Scroll down to set the tracking and social media options. After setting, click ‘Next’ to continue.


Step 7: Now you got to choose an email template. As you are using RSS feed to be delivered, I recommend you to use RSS feed templates which eases the campaign creation process. You may also choose a template of your choice and design it n next step.


Step 8: Customize the design of the template you have chosen to your requirements. When it’s done, click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step 9: This is the last step where you are allowed to check once if all were set right or not. If you found any issues, ‘Resolve’ them before you start the campaign.

You can also preview the email by clicking on the ‘Preview and Test’ option on the top right of the screen.


Step 10: When you are done with checking out and resolving the issues, click on ‘Start RSS’ to start the campaign. Then you will be asked to ‘Confirm RSS Start’. Click on ‘Start Campaign’ to get it started.


When it is done! you will be shown a ‘rock on’ hand symbol of the chimpanzee.


Navigate to ‘Campaigns’ to manage and view reports of your campaign.


Relax and have a sip of coffee and let the campaign run automatically. By the way, don’t forget to share your MailChimp story with us in comments.
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