Pay Attention to These Four Email Marketing Stats
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Pay Attention to These Four Email Marketing Stats

Companies are always searching for ways to improve their email marketing strategy but they mostly overlook the stats about email marketing campaigns. You may have read plenty of “email marketing tips” type of articles over the years, but what these articles don’t tell you is solid facts based on data. After all, it is easy to say, “Send emails to customers every day”, but what about the ideal time? Who reads your mail? Male or female consumers? Today, I will share some crucial stats with you regarding email marketing. If you are serious about penetrating a bigger market and getting better ROI, then read the points mentioned below.
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Women and Men don’t read emails the same way

You think men spend most of the time reading your promotional mails? Wrong concept! Women pay more attention to mails than men and they spend 7 minutes more on an average than men to read emails daily. However, men open 3% more emails than women, but the problem is they really don’t read the content. Now, the sad thing is even though women read email with more attention than men, mostly email marketers compose the content targeting the male audience. A survey indicates that 74% of women and men said that they want the promotional emails to be gender neutral. Therefore, the next time you send emails, make sure that you pay attention to both male and female consumers so that nobody feels neglected.


CTR depends on timing

Did you know that Saturday offers the best CTR at 9% and beats all other days of the week? Also, 6am is the best time to send emails to your target consumers irrespective of the day and date. 6am has the highest CTR than any other time of the day. You can also incorporate the social sharing buttons in your emails to increase the CTR as much as 150%.


You are destroying your email campaign if it’s not mobile compatible

You must have heard this suggestion before and you will hear it again in the coming years because smartphones are the key to bringing customers to your website instantly. Almost 75% of smartphone owners use their phone to check emails and the interesting thing is even if they have seen an email in PC 70% of smartphone users will check that email again from phone during leisure time. However, you must also know that 70% of users delete emails if they can’t see the content properly via a smartphone. So, it is time to make your email marketing campaign mobile friendly.


Go for email marketing automation

Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate revenues quickly. Why so? A survey revealed that every working professional spends 13 hours per week to read emails. If you own a budding business, then you possibly don’t have the time to write every email and send to thousands of potential customers individually. Therefore, you should hire a professional email marketing company and take advantage of their email automation tools to reach maximum number of customers on time without burning a hole in your pocket.


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